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For my sister

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Since I'm trying to use this as an archive of sorts, and this is something I'd like to keep, it's here. I wrote this for my sister and her husband as a reading for their wedding.

Love is many things to many people. It is rare however that love is something that we can describe easily or directly. Love is spoken of in parables and metaphors.

Love is like a river.

Love is a gift.

Love is an adventure.

Is it possible that Love is the moon that lights our darkness? Or gravity itself? That invisible force that pulls the ocean to the moon, the earth to the sun, and today it seems, one to another – man to wife.

If love is the gravity of life, and passions, the tides it drives, then perhaps marriage can be understood as the ocean itself – Vast, rich, unpredictable, and made up of countless droplets of experience and emotion.

Like the salty tears of happiness that dropped from her cheek to the shallow creek below when he asked and she answered, and together they became one in a world that was once each of theirs, and now and forever carries their dreams together.

Today we form the banks of this marriage and stand as witnesses to its immeasurable glory. We are not here to hold it back, but to provide a solid foundation when its storm waves need a place to crash, and guidance when its rivers need a place to flow. Of course, on the best days all we need to do is marvel at the beauty before us and remember this day when the sun rose so gloriously on this new sea.


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